Healthier Together | Palm Health Foundation

Healthier Together | Palm Health Foundation is six Palm Beach County, Florida communities where residents are taking action for health policy and systems transformation.  Over the course of several months, IM Graphics, along with Digital Storyline and Otero Communications, designed and developed an extensive and informative website where these nonprofits which it serves and others within their respective region can come and access information, success stories, and critical data from each of it’s communities.

IM Graphics primary role in the process in the development of HealthierTogther.org was to provide functional layouts of each section with clean and concise design that can also be easily updated on-demand with new segments or pages as new content and data are received.  We continue to manage and monitor the site for regular improvement and have built a strong relationship with the Foundation as we look forward into the coming year.

We also provided from scratch, but consistent with their brand and newly created website, a matching Annual Report booklet which is available on their website in PDF format as well as accessible in a self-hosted simplified flip-book.

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